brand and web designer

I help personal business owners like you find confidence and success by designing brands and Squarespace websites that truly reflect who they are and what they do. 

What is a "personal business?" 

Well, if you are the face of your business, if you're a one-person-show, if you work with a small team, if your core values are near and dear to your heart, then you, my friend, have a personal business.

The thing about small businesses is you shouldn’t be trying to appeal to a million people. You should be focused on real, human connections. Your audience is human, and they are shopping small or working with a freelancer because they want to work with a human. Not a huge corporation. They want the quality and personal attention that comes with working with a single person or small team who cares.

So, if you want the designs of your personal business to resonate with your target audience, then your branding needs to be... You guessed it! Personal.


Here's a little bit about me and the work I do


Me as a Designer

  • I have my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and Media Arts
  • My process is very collaborative and transparent. I keep you involved in every major step, and you're never left wondering "what comes next"
  • The BEST compliment I get from clients is that I "totally get them"
  • I am obsessed with color theory and psychology, and I can nerd out about it all day (this means that even your color palette will subtly communicate with your target audience!)
  • From branding to websites, I approach every design with a strategy first mindset. I also do my best to keep you educated on this strategy as we go by creating personalized video explanations of my design decisions
  • There are three major focus points I prioritize when designing- Staying relevant to the brand's industy, representing the brand's personality, and (most importantly) appealing to the target audience
Brand and Web Designer
Brand and Web Designer

Me as a human

  • I'm a little quirky
  • I moved a lot growing up (I went to 14 different schools)
  • I am happily settled in Central Texas
  • I'm married to a firefighter and we have two crazy little boys
  • I read constantly (fiction and non)
  • I'm totally addicted to learning. I spend hours reading about design strategy and taking classes on Skillshare. I seriously can't get enough
  • If the last two things didn't give it away, I'm a Ravenclaw :)


But, the best way to get to know a creative is through their work