I'm Ashton, the owner and passionate designer here at ashtonlenae.com. I help creative business owners like you design brands and Squarespace sites that truly reflect who they are and what they do. I want to help other entrepreneurs find confidence and success by designing the brand of their dreams.


Here's a little bit about me and the work I do


Me as a human

  • People don't always realize it when we meet, but I'm a bit of a quirky goof ball
  • I moved a lot growing up (I went to 14 different schools, not counting college)
  • I am now happily settled in Central Texas
  • I'm married to a firefighter and we have two crazy little boys
  • I read constantly (fiction and non)
  • I loooooove working in the sunshine. It makes my heart happy :)
  • I'm totally addicted to learning. I spend hours reading about design strategy and taking classes on Skillshare. I seriously can't get enough.

Me as a Designer

  • I have my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and Media Arts
  • The relationship aspect of client work is very important to me. I leave every project feeling like I have a new friend
  • My process is very collaborative and transparent. I keep you involved in every major step, and you're never left wondering "what comes next"
  • The BEST compliment I get from clients is that I "totally get them"
  • I am obsessed with color theory and psychology, and I can nerd out about it all day
  • From branding to websites, I approach every design with a strategy first mindset. I also do my best to keep you educated on this strategy as we go by sending brief video explanations of my design decisions
  • There are three major focus points I prioritize when designing- Staying relevant to the brand's industy, representing the brand's personality, and (most importantly) appealing to the target audience

But the best way to get to know a creative is through their work