I help quirky creatives design BRANDS & WEBSITES WITH PERSONALITY.

You might be wondering:

“Do I really need my brand and website to showcase my personality?” 

Well, if you are the face of your business, if you're a solopreneur, if you work one-on-one with your clients, if your core values are near and dear to your heart, then YES.

The thing about small, creative businesses is that you shouldn’t be trying to appeal to a million people. You should be focused on real, human connections. Your audience comes to you because they want the quality and personal attention that comes with working with a single person or small team who cares.

As a small business or solopreneur, your brand and website have to show off your personality in order for your dream clients to have that “Aha! This is exactly who I want to work with” moment. Plus, your viewer is a smart cookie, and they’re going to see right through it if you pretend to be something you’re not.



Here's a little bit about me
and the work I do


  • I have my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and Media Arts.

  • My process is very collaborative and transparent. I keep you involved in every major step, and you're never left wondering "what comes next." Your brand isn’t going to feel like you if you’re not involved, right?

  • I am obsessed with the way small details can create completely different brand personalities.

  • The BEST compliment I get from clients is that I "get them.” Makes my heart happy.

  • I firmly believe in a strategy-first mindset. No pretty-but-vapid designs in this house 😋



  • I'm a little quirky.

  • I’m from Central Texas- It’s awesome. You should totally move here.

  • I'm married to a firefighter and we have two crazy little boys.

  • I read constantly (fiction and non.)

  • I'm addicted to learning. I spend hours reading about design strategy and taking extra classes. I seriously can't get enough.

  • If the last two things didn't give it away, I'm a Ravenclaw.



But, the best way to get to know a creative is through their work