Danielle Ashley Photography Brand Design

Creative Brand Design

Danielle is a wedding photographer with a soft spot for laid-back brides.

Her ideal client leans towards a nature-inspired wedding as opposed to more formal, urban settings. Before our project, she didn’t have much set up in terms of her brand identity, just her business name in a certain font. It worked for getting started, but she was at the point where she wanted something more professional and memorable that would draw in the kind of client that she LOVES working with.

One question I always ask my clients is to describe how they want their brand to feel in 3 words.

Danielle’s answer was natural, fun, and laid-back. She was drawn to designs that were tranquil and featured nature, but said she’s not really a flower kind of person. She also loved the idea of incorporating watercolor, which I felt was appropriate because it has a creative, down-to-earth feel.

To stay true to the laid-back, nature inspired mood, we went with a cool color palette of blue, dark grey, and green. Green symbolizes harmony and nature, while blue is calm and cool. In western bridal tradition, blue also represents love. Perfect for a laid-back wedding photographer.

Creative Brand Design

The end goal was a brand design that was relaxed, romantic, and nature-inspired.

What we came up with was a leafy, organically-shaped, oval wreath with multiple branches and circle accents that resemble little berries. During our brief, Danielle mentioned that she likes script fonts, but only if they’re super legible. My mind went straight to this vintage-inspired script with tastefully placed flourishes.

Danielle and I collaborated like a dream. The result was a drool-worthy brand design that will make the nature-loving bride relax knowing "this photographer will totally get me!"

Business Card and Brand Design

"I've known for a while that I really needed to create branding that I was as proud of as my body of work. I really appreciated that Ashton was fast to answer, and I could always tell that she was really listening to my suggestions based on revision rounds. I can't wait to use this!"
-Danielle Burke


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