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Everyone and their mother is out there telling you why you need to be defining your audience, and I am no exception. But, I know that this is one of those things that is easier said than done. So, I’m going to break it down into 3 easy steps. Knowing who you’re doing this for is everything. It brings the clarity needed to design an effective brand, strategize your website, nail your brand voice, etc. You might think that you want to appeal to as many people as possible, but if you don’t know exactly who you’re talking to, you’re essentially talking to no one.

Defining Your Audience in 3 Simple Steps

Let’s talk target audience. You probably know that one of the MOST important steps when it comes to branding your beautiful business is to define your target audience. I mean, eeeeveryone talks about it, right?Maybe you’ve tried to define your audience before but felt that fear creep into your gut. You know the one. The fear of being pigeon holed…

Define Your Target Audience Without the Fear of Repelling Everyone Else

So it’s time to start thinking about the visuals for your amazing brand! Yay!! But you’ve heard other entrepreneurs (maybe even some designers) say that the most important thing when creating a visual brand identity is the preference of your audience. What YOU like doesn’t really matter. But I’m gonna go ahead and say it does. Here’s why…

Does It Matter If You Like Your Brand Design?