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Overlock Design Co. is run by Kyrie, a web developer who is very technologically savvy.

She does a lot of coding and can custom develop WordPress themes and plugins to meet the needs of her individual clients. Her ideal client is creative, driven, and passionate about their business. 

Kyrie came to me for a rebrand because her former brand was lacking that "polished" look. As a one-person-shop, she also wanted something that was more reflective of her personality.

The goal for this brand design was to create something that represented the pillars of Kyrie's personality: feminine, tech-savvy, and nature-loving. We used her existing logo (a computer with a laurel around it) as inspiration, but wanted to infuse the new design with more of her personality.

Creative Business Brand Design

The logo design I presented to Kyrie had a strong focus on nature, with a branch of leaves integrated into the typography so that it looks like it is "growing" off the letter K.

This concept is perfect for her tagline: "Websites Built for Growth".

Kyrie's Pinterest inpiration board had a lot of retro-looking, clean script fonts. So, I just knew she would love this font choice as much as I do.

I varied the line width on the computer in order to avoid looking stuffy, and to maintain an organic look. This helped us create a fresh take on her previous branding without straying too far off and confusing her audience.

The navy blue has knowlegable and professional connotations. The green represents nature and growth, and the blush pink brings in an extra touch of femininity.

Click here to Check out how Kyrie implemented her new branding on her website!

Creative Business Logo Design

“You were able to take my kind of helter-skelter, conflicting ideas and turn them into a comprehensive brand. Tech + Nature + Girly + Professional seem like a lot of contradictions but you pulled it off fantastically!”
-Kyrie Overlock-Tompkins

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