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  Do you feel like you need to know every little detail about your “ideal client avatar” before you can get started? Like before you can create content, offer services, build your brand, design your website? Cue the overwhelm please.  Don’t get me wrong. Of course I think understanding your audience and your ideal client […]

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Ideal client avatar

Do you ever feel like you’re going in circles, but not really growing your brand? Like no matter what you tweak, it never feels aligned to who you are or what you’re trying to portray? I pretty much used to live there, and it honestly took me years to figure out what was actually the problem. […]

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growing your brand

    Ever find yourself worried that there are soooooo many people doing what you do? I get it. In this online world an “oversaturated niche” is basically a dime a dozen. But you don’t have to worry because this post will teach you how to stand out online even when you’re in a super […]


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how to stand out online when you're in a crowded niche

Staying home this much can make you a feel little restless, right? That’s why I made this easy phone photo editing tutorial.

I think if we use this time to lean into self care, creativity, and fun that it can become a really healthy reset. Something that we can use as a catalyst to living in our genius instead of something that makes us feel fearful and paralyzed.

(If you happen to be reading this post way later, and you’re like “…wut?” I wrote this during the months of the COVID-19 social distancing :p)


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phone photo editing tutorial

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