Unplug Outdoor Apparel Brand and Web Design

Creative Brand and Squarespace Design

There’s a reason I love this project so much. I created each of the elements for this brand 100% for fun.

It all started as a project for Skillshare. The class was created by the mythical designer Aaron Draplin and it focused on how to make a badge logo. After creating the badge logo for the class, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept thinking “who would this brand be, what are their perfect brand colors, and what would their website look like?”

So, I sat down and started designing. Just for fun.

Since this design started as a project for an instructional “how-to” class, the steps I took were a little different from my normal client process. The concept of the unplugged tree was created based on the desire I had in my head of just “unplugging” and getting out of the house for a few days (-cough-.. weeks). At the time, I was just trying to get my business off the ground while being enrolled in school full time AND being Mama to two boys. Needless to say, the overwhelm was strong at that point in my life.

10 Signboard Mockups.jpg

I decided to dive deeper into this fictional brand’s identity, starting with defining their target audience.

I decided that Unplug wanted to appeal to both men and women around their mid-twenties to early-thirties. Their ideal customer was adventurous, laid-back, and (obviously) outdoorsy. They’re the kind of people who would take a road trip and a 5-hour hike just to find that breath-taking, humbling view.

Brand Design Color Palette

When choosing a color scheme, I wanted something relevant to the Great Outdoors, but not terribly predictable.

Basically meaning no hunter green or other camouflage colors. While looking through outdoorsy images for inspiration, I realized there were a lot of sandy-yellows in sunsets, long grass, and rocky terrains. I also kept seeing stone-greys and teals the color of clean, tropical waters.

Creative Squarespace Design

I had made it to the homepage design knowing I wanted images that triggered the romanticism of travel and an “unplugged” adventure.

Looking at the images I had collected, I noticed one of them had mist at the bottom and another had a cloudy sky. This gave me the idea to bring the images into Photoshop and use a brush that complimented these textures to create a seamless transition between these photos and the white space of the website. It also creates some rhythm to the layout using repetition and balance.

This project is one of my absolute favorites and one of my most complimented works. To me, it's a great reminder of the importance of having fun, experimenting, and not letting the pressure of things take a toll on your creativity.


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