Why Alternate Logos are Necessary

Alternate Logos for Brand Design

To create a recognizable and professional looking brand, you need to have consistency across all platforms.

So why does this mean you need two logos? As beautiful as your main logo may be, it may not play well everywhere you want to use it. This is where your alternate logo comes in. Your alternate logo is made to compliment your main logo, but it utilizes a different layout to make sure you always have options no matter where you want to use it. Here are some situations where an alternate logo really comes in handy.


Most social media profile pictures are either square or circular. Sometimes your main logo may look amazing on your website header, but when standing alone in a square on Facebook it looks awkward.

The designs for my business are a great example of this. My main logo is strictly horizontal. When you try to set this as the profile picture on Facebook, you have a lot of unnecessary white space. Even worse, if you try to set it as the picture for Instagram, the sides get cut off or you have to make it so small it's not serving its purpose of standing out and making a statement.

Main Logo

main logo design graphic designer

Alt Logo

alternate logo design graphic designer


Same concept here. Your main logo is totally and completely amazing. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted… but doesn’t fit well on a mug.

Here’s an example from one of my projects. The main logo for this brand is a detailed badge logo. I’d be willing to bet if this company wanted some branded pens, the main logo isn’t gonna cut it. That's why the alternate logo is designed to fit in places where the main logo would be inappropriate.


Main Logo

main logo design outdoor apparel

Alt Logo

alternate logo design outdoor apparel


I have one client whose main logo is GORGEOUS in color. It is joyful, and perfectly represents her quirky and smart brand identity. While this logo works in a solid color, some of the effect is lost. So, we specifically designed her alternate logo so that it would be very strong as a solid. This was especially important because this client intended to make branded stamps for her packaging.

We used the same typography from her main logo and tilted it for a little added quirk. Then, we and added some tapered circles to compliment the lines in her main logo. The result was an alternate logo that was very strong as a solid color and we avoided the risk of little details being lost when translated as a stamp.


Main Logo

main logo design traveled lane

Alt Logo

alternate logo design traveled lane

Creating a consistent brand requires more than just slapping one logo on top of your website and calling it a day.

It requires thought, options, and flexibility. Sometimes, your main logo might leave something to be desired when placed on your Instagram. Or maybe you want to add your branding to blog post graphics, but your main logo looks busy and distracts from the message being delivered.

You’re going to run into some road blocks, and having a strong alternate logo will make sure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way. 

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