Custom Brand & Showit Web Design

Show me how it works!

Not sure how to turn your current site into the dreamy one you’ve been imagining? I’m here to help!

My custom brand & website design is for the entrepreneur ready to kick things up a notch, so that they can start putting themselves out there with confidence.

Feeling frustrated with how your DIY attempts have come out?

A few of my favorite projects

Finally, I’ll use the info gathered in steps 1 & 2 to work some design magic. This part of the process is very collaborative and you will be involved every step of the way. 

Design Magic


Next, we will lay the ground work and do a deep dive using a series of questionnaires to discover your brand’s personality and the ideal strategy for your site.

Brand Discovery


Step 1 is to Book a Call so that we can get to know each other, discuss your brand goals, and make sure we’ll be a good fit.

Book a Call


About the process

If you are thinking about working with Ashton, DO IT! It's worth every penny. This new site is above and beyond what I expected. Ashton came up with things I didn't even know I wanted, but I DID!

Chelsea Byars

I'm already much more confident in directing people to my website. My brand is much more cohesive, intentional and professional and I'm so proud of it!

Michelle Grasek

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Your Price: $3,700

Oh, yeah! A mini course just for my clients to teach you everything you need to know about how to navigate and edit your new site with ease. When we finish our project, you’ll be completely ready to hit the ground running and take your beautiful business to the next level!


Access to my website training course

*Payment plans available!- Spots are limited.*
*A deposit is required to hold space in my schedule*


I’ll run you through my tried and true content creation process so that all your website copy will be absolutely amazing. Your website content will lead your viewer on a journey from introduction to making a sale, and be completely in your own voice. No more “what the heck am I supposed to write on my website” panic. I’ve got you covered.

“The most difficult part was deciding what I wanted my site to say. Ashton made it so much easier with her forms. All I had to do was fill in the blanks!” -Justine View

“I loved that instead of saying "send me a bio" Ashton sent a questionnaire and that made it much more organic!” -Chelsea Byars


Website content creation


Beyond the design, you'll also get...


This includes every page your website needs plus a fully styled blog so you can up your content marketing game. Because I design on Showit, your website will be easily edited (so you don’t have to call me up for every little change) and the whole site will be absolutely gorgeous on mobile as well as desktop (hello, Instagram traffic!)

A completely custom, mobile-gorgeous website that you literally can’t wait to drive traffic to.



This includes everything from colors and fonts to logos and gorgeous little accents that tie everything together.

A fully designed brand that helps you make that lasting first impression with your audience.


What's Included

I was super hesitant about hiring someone to build my website. I convinced myself that with so many online tutorials, I could just DIY it but it was a hot mess. Ashton just seemed to know what I needed and wanted without me even knowing! She’s awesome. 

Justine View

I wasn’t sure if the things I was asking for were making sense, but Ashton 100% got it. Trust her process! The steps you and her take while working together really give you an even better understanding for what you want your brand to be.

Gabby Velez

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