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That’s okay, so am I. It’s a good thing, and we both know it. Your brand & website should celebrate your quirks. If the typical “girl boss” look doesn’t really suit your brand’s personality, you’re probably in the right place. 

I help quirky creatives make an instant connection with their audience. What’s the secret? A brand design that is beaming with personality and a website that makes your viewers say “THIS is exactly who I’ve been looking for!”



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“I wasn’t sure if the things I was asking for were making sense, but Ashton100% got it. Trust her process! The steps you and her take while working together really give you an even better understanding for what you want your brand to be.”

-Gabby Velez



“Ashton produced some wonderful work for me. She was accommodating, enthusiastic and completely understood the ethos behind Limit Breaker from the get-go.”

- Gina Grainger-Windridge


Brand and Web Designer

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