You know it and I know it, too. But your brand and website? Meh. It was alright... when you first started your business. It’s just not communicating your current level of awesomeness anymore.


Maybe you’ve just become more confident in what you have to offer. Whatever it is, your visuals aren’t lining up any more, and somethings got to give.

Some people can see through the meh, and notice you for all of the fantastic value you bring to the table. I mean, you’ve had some pretty amazing clients so far, right?

But, imagine how many more people you could reach if every piece of your business, including the visuals, were perfectly aligned with your offer, your audience, and your personality. Imagine your brand and website supported your goals and showcased your unique personality so that your audience could instantly see the whole picture.



"Ashton was a pleasure to work with. When I came to her, I had a brand I didn't love, and no clear direction on what I wanted. Despite my lack of clarity, after a few conversations Ashton was able to pull out the concepts that I held dear and create a beautiful, cohesive logo and brand. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

-Kyrie Tompkins-Overlock

Here’s how I can help

brand design services


Your branding is more than just a pretty logo. But you knew that. Your visuals should communicate feelings and associations, and they should paint a picture of what working with you would be like. Let’s create a brand design that expresses your individuality and connects with your target audience.

Investment: $800

brand and web design services


Your website is the first place your audience goes to learn more about how you can help them. Let’s make sure your brand and your website are professionally and consistently designed to represent you, so that your audience will instantly know that you are the person they’ve been looking for.

Investment: $1,900


"If you’re considering working with Ashton, definitely go for it! I know there are SO many options out there, but Ashton really made it feel like getting me a design I was thrilled about was one of her top priorities. I never felt like I was 'just another client.'"

-Danielle Burke

"I am so thankful I found Ashton! I loved how easy we worked together. I trusted her creative mind and knew she would give me a design that I loved. I've heard from multiple people how professional it looks."

-Shae Thompson

Ashton Lenae Brand and Web Designer

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